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Incoming TAPI

If you want to use TAPI also for incoming calls, the normal TAPI is not enough. You need to install which needs a license (MIXvoip can buy it for you).

Install the software and open the “xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk” and configure the following:

  • Connect the software and the asterisk by setting up a connection to the Asterisk manager via internal IP. Username is $username+full and the password can be received from Support.

  • Configure all needed lines by setting the channel to “SIP/$username_$ext” and Number to “$username_$ext”. You need to choose the special device “Gemeinschaft” and the context must be “USEROUTGOING-$username”.

  • Access the settings for the special device and set the IP to the internal one of the PBX, the URL to “click2dial.php?username=$user_$ext&password=$pass”, username to $user_$ext, from to $ext and cidnum to $ext

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