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-Will come later as i'm still looking ​for an app that works well+Disclamer: This only works for Apple TV's and IPads 
 +This is supposing that the person installing the Apple TV already spoke to someone with admin login and created a user for the device. 
 +Plus having all the details about it on hand. 
 +1) Start up the Apple TV or IPad 
 +2) Start the App Store and Log in if needed (if you don't have credential ask the client to create ​an account and give you the details) 
 +3) Search for 'sat ip tv' and download the App and start it (see screenshot) 
 +4) First add a TV Server, click on "Add server address"​. It can be any IP address it doesn'​t really matter. 
 +5) Then add a M3U Channel Lsit, click on "Add M3U channel list". Enter the URL the admin gave you, 
 +looks something like this; https://​​Api/​m3u/​thisisamac123/​000000000000/​ (please note that the last / is very very important) 
 +6) Select the Server and the recently added channel list (channels should appears on the right side) 
 +7) Scroll to the top with the track pad, and select 'Live TV', select a channel and you are done. 
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