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 +====== Mail To FAX ======
 +{{:​mixvoip:​telephone124.png?​nolink |}}
 +Create a new mail where the recipient is the FAX number followed by the domain, attach a PDFfile in A4 format and paste your Fax key provided by MIXvoip in the subject or in the message body.
 +**Recipient**:​ (number must be numeric and can look like 004969... for international calls or 20333390 for national ones for example) \\
 +**Subject**:​ fk:​XXX-XXXXXXXXX ​
 +<WRAP center round important 75%>
 +The PDF file must be in A4 format 210 x 297 mm (21 x 29,7 cm)
 +===== Features and limitations =====
 +FAX key is only usable from the same domain as the email address shown on the page you retrieved the FAX key from
 +  * Supports 1-5 documents per e-mail
 +  * Supports up to 5 different recipients
 +  * Supports PDF
 +  * Documents should be in portrait not landscape format
 +===== FAX key =====
 +Your FAX key can be retrieved from our [[http://​|web interface]] in the user settings section. This page is accessible by going to the 'User management'​ menu and clicking on the username you want to send a fax from.
 +===== Technical details =====
 +The fax key is a 9 characters long sub string of the concatenated md5 hash of the username, password and the suffix string “faxkey”,​ prefixed by the users account code.
 +Send FAXs through the interface:
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