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 +===== Mail To SMS =====
 +{{:​mixvoip:​sms1.png?​nolink |}}
 +MIXvoip has a mail to sms option that operates by sending an e-mail to The message to be send is taken from the e-mail body, and if no message is found inside the e-mail body, the subject of the e-mail will be used as SMS message.
 +Create a new mail where the recipient is the mobile number followed by the domain, paste your FAX key provided by MIXvoip in the subject and write your message in the body message.
 +**Recipient**:​ (+XXX)\\
 +**Subject**:​ fk:​XXX-XXXXXXXXX\\
 +**Body Message**: Your Message\\
 +==== Authentication in the destination header ====
 +If you can not change the e-mail body, then you have the option to put your fax key into the desetination header (To:) of your email. Just take the fax key and add it after the recepients phone number but do not forget to strip our the “:”.
 +==== The message body ====
 +We try to guess or extract the message out of your e-mail by applying some filter rules.
 +  * We cut of the message after “--” because that is normally the start of the e-mail signature
 +  * We do not filter after the “<​html>​” tag
 +  * To make sure that no extremely long messages are sent, we cut the e-mail body at 300 charachters
 +  * If the message inside the e-mail body is empty, we use the subject as message text
 +Send an SMS through the interface:
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