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Where to download Pindo

Pindo is available for Android and iOS.
You can find the downloads here:

Just follow the instructions to install the app.


Mobile Number

  • After opening the application the first time, you will be asked to enter your country code followed by your mobile phone number:

+[country code] [mobile number]

Android iOS
  • After that, hit the OK-Button.
  • The next popup will let you decide how you want to configure your profile
Android iOS

QR Scanner

This option is the simplest one. Just scan the code found on the PBX-interface or provided to you by one of our techies and you are ready to go.


When tapping “manually” you will be redirected to the profile editing window.

Android iOS
  • Username and password will be provided by MIXvoip.
  • Feel free to choose your profile name and color.
  • Make sure the access number is the country from which your mobile operator is.
  • Make sure you save the configuration before quitting the screen.

Adding Profiles

Anroid iOS
Tap on the - Icon Tap on “Profiles”
Then tap on “Configure Profiles”
  • This will guide you to the profile overview window.
Android iOS
Tap on any free profile Tap on the + symbol in the upper left corner
  • After that you can either edit it manually or by scanning the new profiles QR-Code.


Android iOS
1) Back to dialer screen 1) Call history
2) Call history 2) Contacts
3) Contacts 3) Back to Dialer screen
4) DND 4) DND
5) Porfiles

Call history

Here you can see your last calls. You also can do calls from here by tapping on an entry.

Android iOS


Here you can see your contact list of your PBX and your phone contacts.
On iOS you also can add favorite contacts by dragging a contact to the left and tapping on “Add to Favorites”.
You can make a call by tapping on an entry.

Android iOS
Phone Contacts
PBX Contacts
Favorite Contacts on iOS


Here you can enable/disable DND.
On Android, the DND button will turn red if DND is active.

Android iOS


On Call


  • To transfer a call, press #NUMBER#.
  • If the person is available, just hang up and the transfer will be done.
  • If the person is not available, just tap * and you will return to the first call.


  • To record a call during the conversation, press 99.
  • You will receive the file by email.
  • This option must be activated by
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