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(1) LED

Blinking fast –> Incoming call
Steady blinking –> Missed call or voicemail (press X to disable the LED)

(2) CFwd


Change forward, automatically transfer calls.

(3) CHist

Call lists. Missed, received and dialed calls

(4) Dir

Local contact list

(5) Settings

Manage the phone's settings

(6) Confirm / Arrow keys / Cancel

(a) Confirm, save button

Accept calls
From idle screen you can redial the last missed, received or dialed call

(b) Arrow keys

On idle screen:
Up/Down –> Select outgoing identity
Left/Right –> Received calls / Missed calls

(c) Cancel, return button

Terminate calls

(7) Check voicemails

Redirects you to your voicemail (you still have to type in your voicemail PIN)

(8) Programmable keys

These keys can be lines, contacts, functions buttons etc

(9) DND

Do not disturb
When on nobody can reach you
Press to enable (LED will blink steadily)
Press again to disable

(10) Directory

Search the local contact list (4)

Phones menu

(12) Transfer

Transfer button

(13) Hold

Press to place people on hold

(14) Mute

Mute your headset's/handset's microphone during a call
Works as DND button for Snom 710/D715 when on idle screen

(15) Volume

Change the volume of the ringtone when on idle screen Change the volume of the speaker or handset during a call

(16) Speaker

Togglebetween handsfree and handset mode
Press to dial a number and accept calls on speaker phone

(17) Headset mode

Disable or enable headset mode

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